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The Best Live Betting Games + Strategies

Every good online casino seeks to offer a dynamic game catalogue full of new features, for which they look for the most innovative developers.

In recent months, the new live betting games have been gaining ground, thanks to a fresh approach that combines contests with a flesh-and-blood presenter with the betting dynamics of traditional online games, such as poker or roulette, and all in quick games that last just a few minutes.

These are games in which luck is a determining factor, although certain strategies can help to improve our results in them.

Although they are fundamentally designed for the recreational player, they are interesting for those looking for options with reasonable returns on investment, and it is undeniable that the presence of a real croupier adds a more interactive dimension to the gaming experience, which is clearly attractive compared to the classic versions.

What are the most popular live betting games?

Do you want to know which are the best games for live betting according to online players?

War Of Bets

A War of Bets is played with six decks of cards and you have to predict who will win, the player or the dealer.

Both receive a single card face up and the highest card wins. If the cards of both have the same value, a draw or “War” occurs. In that case, both lose. The highest card is the ace.

In War of Bets there are two rounds of betting. You can make the first round before the cards are dealt. The odds of the three bets, including the “War” bet, are shown next to the results. You can bet on one or more outcomes.

After the first round, the player receives the first card. The odds results are updated and you can bet again, after which the dealer receives a card. After the second round, the winner is determined.

Besides the main bets, something very interesting that characterizes this game is that it offers several parallel betting options.

Speedy 7

In this game you have to bet on the colour, red or black, of the next card to come out.

It is played with six French decks of 52 cards. In total, each game has seven rounds of betting, one for each card drawn.

First the amount to be bet is chosen from four options ($1, $3, $5 and $10); then the colour of the card is chosen.

A new card is dealt every 15 seconds. Once the deal of the seven cards is completed, the decks are changed. If you match the colour of several cards consecutively, you can win extra prizes.

Says Duel

Dice Duel is a fun and simple game: the dealer rolls two dice, one red and one blue, and the player has to predict which of the two will have a higher value, or if they will have the same value.

In addition to the main bet, there are several parallel bets (choosing the number that will come out on one of the dice or on any of them, whether they will be odd or even and whether the sum of both will be lower or higher than a given value. Several bets can be made simultaneously.

What are the best strategies to win in these games?

Have you found these live betting games interesting and entertaining? Then take note of the tricks and strategies below to maximize your bets and minimize the house advantage:

Strategy For Speedy 7

Even if it is not a good option for one of the special prizes, the best strategy for Speedy 7 is to wait until there is only one card left and all the previous ones are the same colour.

As there are fewer cards of a certain colour in the deck, the probability that the other one will be drawn is greater.

Strategy For War Of Bets

The best option in War of Bets is to play the player or banker option. If you bet before the cards are dealt, you receive a better payout ratio, but you give up information about the value of the card dealt, which can be very high or very low.

Avoiding betting on “War”, the least likely option, improves the probability of success.

Strategy For Saying “Duel

In this game you can also choose to place two simultaneous bets, on winning red and winning blue, assuming that there will be no tie, the least likely result.

In this way, you will only lose if both dice show the same value. Due to the payout ratio, to make a profit we have to get approximately five positive results for every tie that appears.

In all these games you can also use the traditional betting strategies for roulette.